Tuesday, March 20, 2012

When it's all so right

I've been painting like a fiend for two weeks before I put down the brushes and head off to Paris tomorrow. Taking just a camera this time, so no lugging equipment through airports and metros. I might miss painting, but this one all about the kids and the baby. We are going to Marsailles though to get lots of reference material to bring back, and the weather is going to be 75, so there will be lots of people outside in cafes.

Sometimes when you paint so much like I've been doing, it all comes together. The past two days I've had so much fun in the studio - I put the brush to paint and just know what color I want, the shapes come together, and the composition falls into place. Stella needs to be a bit bigger and I need a few more hours to finish. 

Guess packing will have to wait.

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