Thursday, January 13, 2011

Getting Settled

I'm getting settled into a nice routine in my little apartment. Get up in the dark (which stays that way until after 9) paint, go over to help with Stella, go walk and explore,come back to paint and then go back to make dinner some nights for the kids. For me, adjusting to a new place where you don't know the language is easier with a routine (like doing the wash at night in this thing that looks like a giant cheese grater and then spreading them out to dry) Being in a city like Paris is so incredible - everytime I walk out front door it's an adventure. Why the Parisians accept the whole dog poo everywhere issue, I'm not sure,or the lack of sunshine, and the reminder I am horrible with French. I LOVE that I can get a warm baguette downstairs, I can walk everywhere or take the metro to the flea markets, sample everything from Indonesian to African food, settle into a cafe and have a coffee while people watching, and be surrounded by incredible art. Went to the Monet exhibit at the Grand Palais and they had some 24 pieces hanging at one venue.
Since I have limited access to Internet and the TV is in French (I can watch a whole movie and get the gist of it) I've been painting quite a bit , and mixing up the palette with some different combinations to capture the feel of the city. The problem is I can't enclose an image it seems with my iphone.
So ten more days and then I'll have to leave. I have a "bucket list" of things to go paint and museums to see, and then John says to come home to open spaces and the studio (although I don't think he'll really notice I'm gone til football is over!) And then get ready for Southeastern Wildlife Expo.
Back to painting...

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