Monday, February 28, 2011

"Oh La La"

Where has the time gone by? I've been in a whirlwind since I got back and doing the blog has been way at the bottom of my very long list. But, I was reminded at Southeastern Wildlife Exposition that I hadn't posted anything for a long time and needed to do so.

I've been painting, painting, and painting...and enjoying the warm breezes coming through my studio window. Since I started opening up most days, I get quite a few visitors and they are a welcome break.

The paintings are almost hung for the Thursday opening of "Oh La La", and so pleased with them on the walls. The French pieces are treasures to me, most on the smaller side as I had to bring them back from Paris and hope they find some nice homes.
Please stop by Thursday Night for the Opening Party, or Friday Night for Art Walk. 5:30-7:30
"Temptations #1" 8x8 $475 (and yes, there is "Temptation #2)

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